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*** UPDATE: The Government has responded to the questionnaire in writing. Read All4BetterDevelopment’s critique of the document by clicking on the link above ***

The UK countryside faces unprecedented pressure from housing developers seeking to take advantage of those local authorities which are unprepared, or incapable, of challenging the Government’s relentless drive to build houses.

There are now hundreds of areas across the country where residents are facing the stark choice of accepting inappropriate development or commencing expensive legal battles for which they are often ill-prepared.

Many rural villages and towns are facing proposals that would destroy the character and amenity of the countryside around them, or threaten the green spaces they use and value. Green Belt and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty are also under increasing threat. 

Many of them are also reporting they are not against house-building projects to a size and design to suit their area, just not on the mass scale commonly proposed by developers.

Campaign groups have sprung up across the country opposing these developments and All 4 Better Development attempts to draw these groups together.

There is great opposition to paragraph 49 of the Government’s National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) presumption in favour of sustainable development.  This allows developments to be approved, if the local planning authority (many of which do not have a Local Plan in place) cannot demonstrate a 5– year supply of deliverable housing sites.  This leaves many rural villages and towns prey to developers who target such vulnerable Councils.

There is also significant feeling that brownfield sites should be fully explored before greenfield development sites are considered.

If the UK has learnt one thing from Brexit, it is that the Government cannot ignore the large numbers of rural voices opposed to plans imposed upon them without proper consultation.

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